I moved to San Francisco for the summer of 1976. Finding it impossible to get a short haircut with style, I resorted to cutting my own. After some years of autostyling, the bulb lit up - I was BETTER at this than many people who were earning their living in the hair trade!


I graduated from Beauty School and got my cosmetologist license in 1994. I've been cutting in The CASTRO since March of 1996. I'm pleased to say that many of my clients from that time still come to see me regularly.

My goals as a hair stylist and salon owner are:


First - to give you a great, stylish haircut that is easy for you to deal with, that fits your lifestyle.

Second - to provide a comfortable and informative space for your hair needs.

Third - to be a fun and interesting person for you to engage with in regular conversation about life and art.

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4448 18th Street near Douglass in the Castro, San Francisco, CA 94114. Call (415) 431-9045 or Text at any time for an appointment with Christopher.